FIFA doesn’t accept embedding videos

We at FullyFootball created this site to give an extra platform for mainly Youtube accounts that post videos about our beloved sport: Football. The FIFA is of course the biggest organisation in football and with the World Cup, that unfortunately just ended, we wanted to share a lot of World Cup videos on our site. Unfortunately this isn’t really interesting since the FIFA decided to block there videos from showing on other sites.

To clarify what we do: We always embed the videos we find on Youtube and other video related websites. This way all the views on our site go directly to the creators of the videos. If there are any commercials on this video for example, the income for these commercials go straight to the account that posted the video on Youtube. We love to watch clips on football and are so happy many people post them, that we don’t want to steal there income. Therefore we think it’s kinda strange that the FIFA doesn’t allow us to show there videos on here.

We’ve posted on video with the Top 1o goals on the past World Cup in Russia. When you click on this video you can click through to the FIFA’s Youtube account and watch the video.

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