Football manager salary Pep

Football manager salary

Nowadays every body is talking about the big wages in the world of football. A player like Lionel Messi is said to earn about $667,000 a week. Nobody ever really talks about the guy who needs to manage all these overpaid players in the dressing room and on the pitch. A football manager salary is not something a lot of people talk about. While the managers are those who are responsible for getting the most out of these players. They need to find the right balance in the team and make sure the club get’s value for their money. It’s always important the combination between the manager and his players works for the best. When the managers get’s every player in the right place and the players perform like they should, it’s a win win situation.

Football manager salary

The guys at created a tool that gives us a lot of insights in the wages the big Premier League managers are on. With this tool you can compare your own salary to the salary of several football managers. It’s really fun to do, but a kind of depressing at the same time. If you see it will take yourself like 150 years to earn the annual wages of Pep Guardiola for example, that’s not really motivating. But still, that has everything to do with the wages they are paying and not with this tool.

I personally complete understand why these managers get a lot of money. It’s important to have control over the dressing room and I feel players won’t take a manager serious if his wages are lot 1 percent of what they’re getting. So no jealousy from my side, I might even start thinking about a career as football manager myself.

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