2018-2019 FPL Players to watch: Gameweek 1-4

Published on 8 August 2018 by

As a big fan of the Fantasy Premier League game, I’de like to watch all videos on how to get the best out of my FPL team. In this video from FPLtips you will find the best tips and tricks to kick-start your 2018-2019 FPL season. These 2018-2019 FPL Players are those you should be watching for the start of this season. We’ve created a section on our website where we will post several FPL tips in the course of this season. Check these videos regularly and be on the top of your league at the end of this season. Use these tips, but always decide for yourself what you think is the best option. This way you can never blame yourself for listening to somebody else instead or yourself.

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