Balotelli And Henderson Penalty Controversy


Mario Balotelli controversial career continues as this time he is involved in another Penalty drama with his team mate Henderson, Liverpool defeated Besiktas by 1-0 in Europa League fixture last night.

Liverpool were struggling to get a goal against Besiktas but in the late stages of second half they were awarded a penalty which was set to take by Liverpool’ captain Henderson but out came Mario Balotelli and he took the ball from Henderson and struck the penalty.

This penalty drama was converted into yet another Controversy by Balotelli and was criticized by many including Steven Gerrard who said that: “Henderson should have taken the penalty and I think Mario is being a bit mischievous by stepping in front of him and going against what the manager’s plan”.

Gerrard further said that it would have been interesting if he would have miss that penalty.

Balotelli has been previously involved in Penalty drama in Inter Milan where he stood front against Samuel Eto’ but Eto’o ignored him and it was Zanetti who involved and took Balotelli away from the Penalty area.

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