Chelsea Made €118M Messi Bid In Summer Transfer


Chelsea targeted a huge deal of €118 million to Lionel Messi in summers, This was reported by Spanish TV channel, Jose Murinho sees the opportunity in summers as Argentinian star wasn’t able to win any trophies from Barcelona in last season while he also faced criticisms from fans and further some delays in contract extension, This was the reason Jose Murinho targeted Messi.

Although Murinho has reinforced some good players like Fabregas and Costa which has eventually put his side as a strong contender to win Premier League, There wont be mucch regret for Messi deal but had this deal been taken place Chelsea would have become more dangerous than any other team as no one has every though of Messi leaving from Barcelona.

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2 Comments on Chelsea Made €118M Messi Bid In Summer Transfer

  1. I think messi must go to chelsea and break up all records that set in england and in the baclays premier league

  2. Yeah, but on the same side he wants remain loyal to Barcelona and wants to follow the foot steps of Maradona

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