Cristiano Ronaldo Fancies Returning Back to Manchester United


Cristiano Ronaldo the Real Madrid star is not happy with the club, According to many sources he has shown desire to come back to Manchester United and said to have enjoy playing football at Old Trafford, He made statements in many interviews that “i love Manchester United and United is in my heart“, While he has also shown desire to come back again.

A Spanish journalist Balague has given his opinion that Ronaldo will come back to Manchester United, All this started when Ozil leaves Madrid last year but this was done and dusted when Madrid won Uefa Champions League, The things went wrong again when firstly Di Maria was move to Manchester United and then Alonso also switched to Bayern Munchen. Ronaldo was disappointed with the board and he said that The Real Madrid’s Board hasn’t treated good at all with both players.Ronaldo was also disappointed at the board of not buying Falcao which is now loaned to Manchester United.

Ronaldo who is 29 right now possibly has only 2 or 3 best years of his career remaining, so Madrid can also make profit if Manchester United is really interested in Ronaldo, Madrid have already slotted Bale and James and they can let Ronaldo go a little earlier which is a little harsh on them but his buying cost of 80 million can also be recovered which wont be possible after 3 years.

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