Cristiano Ronaldo Gears Up For his Fifth Ballon d’Or Title


Last Year Cristiano Ronaldo was the winner of Ballon d’Or, that was his 4th Ballon d’Or title while Lionel Messi is holding 5 number of Ballon d’Or title on his name.


For the race of this title, in the begining of the year it was not very difficult to judge between these two arch rival Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo that who is going to win the title this year. As Lionel Messi always be ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo generally, everyone expects Lionel Messi to win 6th Ballon d’Or title this year, As Cristiano Ronaldo was out of form and on his longest drought in the continental competition.

Then all of a sudden the scenario has shifted in Ronaldo’s favor. Where Barcelona didn’t manage to make their place in Champions League Semi Finals, losts to Juventus in the quarter finals of the tournament, Cristiano Ronaldo just geared him up and started scoring goals when it matters most. He ended his longest drought streak with scoring 2 goals against Bayern Munich at Bayern’s Home Allianz Arena in the quarter-final first leg of Champions League. Followed by a Hat-trick against Bayern Munich in second leg at Santiago Bernabeu in the quarter-final of Champions League. After that he didn’t stop, Cristiano Ronaldo scored another hat-trick against Santiago Bernabeu in the first leg in semi-final of Champions League which makes his 8 goals in no time is a big hit and made him strongest contender again for the Ballon d’Or title of 2017.

Some sources also posting about the Juventus side as they are also on course for a treble of Srie A, where Gianluigi Buffon and Dani Alves could be in contention for the Ballon d’Or title. However, it is very difficult for Goal Keeper and Defender to win the title.

French Magzine also posted an article named “Who can beat Ronaldo to the Ballon d’Or 2017?”

And the anser is no can beat Cristiano Ronaldo because he is looking to clain the award for the fifth time to level his arch rival Lionel Messi in the title race.


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