Cristiano Ronaldo: I Know Why Messi Pass That Penalty to suarez

Ronaldo On Messi Penalty Pass

The penalty drama between Messi and Suarez is a big debate now and Cristiano Ronaldo has also some thoughts on this.  The penalty scene occur last week when Barcelona were cruising with a victory against Celta Vigo and Messi was ready to take penalty in the last quarter of the match, But instead of striking it he passes to Suarez who then converts it into a goal to complete his hat-trick.

A big debate then started and there quite a mixed reviews as according to some it was some thing very amazing and a tribute to Cruyff while some people regards this being disrespectful to Celta Vigo.

However, Ronaldo ahead of Madrid clash against Roma also made a statement that he knows the reason behind that pass from Messi.

Ronaldo said “I know why he did that in Messi penalty, but will not say anything more”. Ronaldo also smiles after this statement.

Here is the video of press conference:

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