Early Crisis For Arsene Wenger As Dortmund Outclassed Arsenal In Champions League


Arsenal was outplayed by Dortmund in Uefa champions league group fixture, Although the scoreline suggests a 2-0 victory for Dortmund but that was the least goals scored by Dortmund, This score line could have easily been  4-0 or 5-0 as Dortmund totally dominated the whole game from the kick off, There was hype created that Arsenal will perform a lot better and Arsene Wenger was very much confident of his side but nothing goes in favor of him today.

Arsenal only managed 4 shots in whole game while the the club from Germany attempted 22 shots, That sums up all, When it comes to individual stars Mesuz Ozil is going no where , He is not sticking at any specific position and hardly managed proper passes, his form is really a worry for Arsenal. Further Danny Weldbeck also misses a sitter after a great pass from Ramsey which could have change some thing in favor of Arsenal.

You can criticize Arsenal for every thing but you should give a standing ovation to  Jurgen Klopp as he create best team out of no where, Remind you that it wasnt a best Dortmund side which bangs Arsenal. Reus , Kagawa and many others were not available to play for Jurgen Klopp’s side,  Still he managed to produced magic in the available players, The passing between 3 forwards were outrageous.

So now Arsenal just needs to forget this night mare and get a move on, Its a wake up call for Arsenal at the very beginning of Champions league so they can still improve and qualify as they have 2 weak sides in the group, Galatasaray will be the next fixture for Arsene Wenger. Lets see how he prepare his side.

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