FIFA Officials Arrested: FBI Launches Investigation Into Suspected Bribery Of More Than 25 Years

Fifa Officials arrested

In a setback to FIFA, That is now facing crisis because of the arrests of 14 senior officials in Zurich by the Swiss Authorities, More than dozen Plain clothed officers conducted an early morning raid at the Baur au Lac hotel when the soccer officials were gathered for a meeting.

The arrests were conducted peacefully. The arrested officials will be facing extradition charges to the US.

The FBI backed investigation charges into bribe and racketeering worth approximately $100 million. Following the arrest, Swiss prosecutors announced that Proceedings had already began in relation to the 2018 World cup rights awarded to Qatar and 2022 to Russia respectively.

New York times reported that The Justice Department, F.B.I. and FIFA were not available for an immediate comment while Data and documents were seized from FIFA’s Zurich headquarters.

Sepp Blatter
Swiss officials didn’t identified any of arrested officials but reports have suggested that Two vice Presidents have been arrested while the head of governing body Sepp Blatter is not arrested.

One thing which is still not clear is the connection between US officers and Swiss officials regarding the raid.

The indictment name various people on charges which includes Frauds, Money Laundering, Bribes of Broadcasting and Voting in December 2010 of awarding World cup to Qatar in 2018.

Reports are also claiming that it will be an end of an era for Sepp Blatter who is currently the most powerful sports person on earth.

A Law enforcement official said: “We’re struck by just how long this went on for and how it touched nearly every part of what FIFA did, “It just seemed to permeate every element of the federation and was just their way of doing business. It seems like this corruption was institutionalized.”

Jordanian prince Ali bin al Hussein who is standing against Sepp Blatter in Friday’s election called this event a sad day in Football History and He urges on a change of leadership to save Fifa’s image.

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