Levante Vs Atletico Madrid 2-2 Highlights [Video]

Full Match Highlights

Goals [2 – 2]


  • David Barral [32]
  • Kala Uche [63]

Atletico Madrid

  • Guillherme Siqueira [35]
  • Fernando Torres [80]

Levante and Atletico Madrid produced a thrilling 2-2 draw in La Liga fixture, Levante went ahead twice in the first and second half with David Barral and Kala Uche’s goal but Atletico managed to comeback twice with Siqueira and Torres goal to secure one point.

Atletico remains on the 3rd spot with 4 points ahead of Valencia and 5 points ahead of Villarreal and with just only two games remaining Atletico will manage to qualify for Champions League.

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