Manchester United conditions to qualify for Champions League

Conditions to Qualify to Champions League.

Teams who are on the top three positions of their respective countries league will gain and automatic entry to the group stage of Champions League.

The winners of the Europa League gain entry into the Champions League.

But what happens to that spot when they’re already in it?

As in case of Manchester United and Ajax FC, These two teams has played their first leg of the semi final of the Europa League, and mostly these two will play the final against each other, the winner of the match will gain a entry direct to the Champions League next season, But last weekend Ajax FC already assured their place in Champions League next season by securing at least second place with a 4-0 win over Go Ahead Eagles.



So until recently,if the winner of Europa League has already been qualified for the Champions League, then the prize would be passed down to the runners up.

If Manchester United were to make the final they would still need to win it to secure the position in Champions League football.

This has now changed. That if Ajax will win the Europa League final, then it doesn’t mean Manchester United will be awarded the place in Champions League.

So where does the extra Champions League place will go?

The answer is nowhere, as because Ajax is no longer qualifying through to the group stage of Champions League through their league because The Eridivisie League lost its only spot to be represent in Champions League in February.

In the event that, for instance, the team that won the Europa League had officially met all requirements for the group stages of the Champions League in their local leagues (and also the Champions League champions), the additional spot would go to affiliation 13. Sounds cryptic, yet it’s fundamentally another method for saying the nation in thirteenth place in the present coefficients rankings.

Unexpectedly, that place is currently held by Netherlands. But the projected rankings show it will likely be Czech Republic in that spot.

That means the winners of the 1st League gain an automatic group stage place either Slavia Prague or Viktoria Plzen. But what happens to their qualification spot?

So for their qualification spot, every country has buckled up until all the spots are filled.

Very difficult puzzled to understand right?? In short Manchester United have to win the final of Europa League to qualify a for a position for Champions League next season.

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