Manchester United looking for excuses except accepting harsh reality – Souness Slams

Right now in Barclays Premier League, Manchester United is everyone’s topic.  Liverpool legend and Scottish Professional footballer Graeme Souness also could not resist himeself bashing Manchester United for a record transfer of Paul Pogba that returns Manchester United nothing but misery.


Souness also criticizes Pogba on his performance who has made 49 appearances overall for Manchester United scoring only 7 goals and creating 4 assists which is yet to be convinced by his worth.


Souness speaks to Sky Sports

“United have to pay a premium. For United, stick 25 per cent on the price,”

“Because it’s Man United and they have the money. In my opinion, they had their trousers taken down paying £100 million.”

“I’m yet to be convinced by that. He may be a player one day but right now as we sit here after one year in our football, I’m still waiting to be convinced.”

Souness also said that Red Devils are looking for excuses except accepting harsh reality.

He added “Man up, I’m sorry. These guys have got to perform. Nobody tried to pussyfoot around us. You’re no good if you lose next week, deal with it.”

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