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Amee Donovan

Amee Donovan was born on September 7, 1980 in Dayton, Ohio. She attended the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Amee is all grown up now and has a net worth that’s pretty impressive! She’s also got a family, and we’ll tell you all about her age, height, weight, and more in this blog post.

Who is Amee Donovan?

Amee Donovan is like a real-life superhero, but she acts in movies instead of fighting bad guys! She’s played important roles in films like The Last House on the Left and The Crazies. Amee was born in Ohio, went to school in Cincinnati, and now lives in Hollywood, the land of movie stars.

 You might see her in beautiful dresses on the red carpet or in comfy clothes when she’s not acting. She’s also a mom and loves her kids a lot. Amee Donovan shows us that you can be a star if you dream big and work hard!


Amee Donovan
43 years old as of 2024
Zodiac Sign
7 September, 1980
7 September
Dayton, Ohio, USA

Early Life and Education

Amee Donovan was born in Dayton, Ohio, a place filled with green trees and pretty parks. She went to the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music when she was big enough. That’s a long name for a school! There, she learned a lot about acting and making music.

 She even got a special paper called a degree. It was for doing well in her studies. This is where she got ready to be an actress. Just like when we practiced for a school play or learned something new, Amee had to study and practice a lot!

Amee Donovan Parents and Siblings

Like many of us, Amee Donovan’s family played a big role in her life. We’re not sure about their names or what they do. But we know they’re from Dayton, Ohio, just like Amee. She probably got a lot of her talent and dreams from them. 

Families can be our first cheerleaders, encouraging us to chase our dreams. Amee’s family must be very proud of her! However, she likes to keep her family life a bit secret, and that’s okay. Even stars like Amee need a little privacy.

Amee Donovan Husband and Boyfriend

Amee Donovan is very private about her love life. It’s like a secret treasure chest she keeps to herself. We know she’s a wonderful mom, but we aren’t sure if she has a boyfriend or a husband. 

Sometimes, famous people like to keep parts of their life private. That’s okay because everyone deserves their secret treasure chest! We respect Amee’s privacy and continue to love her for her amazing acting.

Amee Donovan Children

Amee Donovan is not just an actress but also a loving mother. She loves spending time with her children when she’s not on set filming movies. Like any parent, her children are her world. They enjoy playing games, reading books, and having fun together. 

Even though she’s a star, she always finds time to be there for her kids. She wants them to grow up knowing they can chase their dreams like she did. She’s not only their mom but also their biggest cheerleader!

Amee Donovan Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Amee Donovan was born on September 7, 1980, which makes her 43 years old. She is of average height is 5 feet 4 inches , weight is 58kg and physical apperance is 36-26-38, just like many of us. She has bright eyes that sparkle when she smiles, and her hair always looks nice.

 When she’s not acting, you might see her wearing comfy clothes. But on the red carpet, she dresses up in beautiful gowns. She proves you don’t have to look a certain way to be a star. It’s all about being yourself!

Amee Donovan Before Fame

Before Amee Donovan became a big movie star, she was a little girl with a big dream. She was born in Ohio and went to college in Cincinnati. After college, she moved to Hollywood to follow her dream of acting. She started with small roles in movies, just like other actors. 

Soon, people started to notice her talent. This is how she began her journey to stardom. And guess what? She started just like us, dreaming big. It shows us that anyone can be a star with hard work and a big dream!

Amee Donovan The Rise of an Acting Career

Amee Donovan was always dreaming big. After her college days, she moved to Hollywood, the place where stars are made. She began by playing small parts in movies. Soon, her talent was noticed, and she started getting bigger roles. 

People loved her acting in the movies The Last House on the Left and The Crazies. This made her a star! She shows us that if we work hard and don’t give up, we can reach the stars, too!

Amee Donovan Net Worth

Amee Donovan has earned a lot of money from her movie roles. She’s a successful actress who’s worked hard for her dreams. Her net worth is estimated to $2million, but it is believed to be a lot! When we watch her movies, we see the result of all her hard work and talent. Being an actress can be a good job if you love acting, just like Amee does!

Amee Donovan Legacy and Impact

Amee Donovan is more than a movie star. Her roles in films like The Last House on the Left and The Crazies have made us think and feel brave. Her success shows kids everywhere that if you work hard and follow your dreams, you can become whatever you want, even a Hollywood actress.

 She inspires us to be strong and brave and always chase our dreams. And guess what? She started just like us, dreaming big. So, let’s get inspired by Amee’s journey and remember to never give up on our dreams!

Amee Donovan Future Plains

Amee Donovan has a lot of exciting plans for the future! She wants to keep acting in more cool movies. She dreams of playing roles that make us think, laugh, and feel brave. Amee also wants to inspire young people to follow their dreams like she did. And who knows? Maybe she’ll direct her movie one day! Let’s keep an eye on Amee’s journey. We can’t wait to see what she does next!


  • When Amee Donovan isn’t acting in movies, she has fun hobbies! 
  •  First, she loves spending time with her kids. They have fun playing games, telling stories, and even playing little plays at home. Being a mom is her favorite role of all! 
  •  Second, she enjoys going for walks in the parks near her home in Hollywood. Walking helps her relax and get ready for her next big role. 
  • And finally, she loves reading books. Books can take you on amazing adventures, just like movies can. 
  • Amee Donovan shows us that having hobbies outside work can be super fun!

Interesting Facts About Amee Donovan 

  •  Did you know Amee Donovan was born on the same day as a famous magician named David Blaine? That’s pretty cool! 
  •  She can play the piano. She learned it while attending the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. 
  • Her favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs. Yummy! 
  •  She once had a small role in a superhero movie. Can you guess which one? 
  • Even though she lives in Hollywood, she still loves visiting her hometown, Dayton, Ohio. She says it feels like going back to her roots. 
  •  She loves animals and has a pet cat named Tilly. Meow!


“Who is Amee Donovan?”

 Amee is a famous movie star known for cool films like The Last House on the Left and The Crazies. 

“Where was she born?” 

She was born in Dayton, Ohio.

 “Where did she study?” 

She went to the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.

“Is she a real-life hero?” 

She’s shown us that hard work and passion can make dreams come true. 


Amee Donovan has shown us how passion and hard work make dreams come true. Her journey from Ohio to Hollywood is inspiring, reminding us that where you come from doesn’t limit where you can go. Just like her characters in The Last House on the Left and The Crazies, Amee is a real-life hero, proving that we can all be stars in our own stories with determination.